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Online Meetings * Training  * Telehealth + more

What you get


Your logo, color & brand

Human Resources






Case Conferences

Quality Meetings

Patient Communication/Telehealth

Governing Board

Other Clinical & Administrative Meetings


Virtual Rooms - Includes one Management interface and can be used by up to 100 users at any one time.

Can also be used for  patients, physicians & other outside consultants if needed (maintaining HIPAA compliance)


You will be able to provide HR, Interviewing, Performance Evaluations, Training, In-service and more


You can have Required Meetings remotely

The Online Meetings & Training alone can increase the efficiency of your agency. Don’t waste valuable time when it’s not necessary

Software Features

Patient confidentiality

Private – Secure - Locked Rooms

Invitation only and [password protected]

End to End Encryption

Works with any device

Audio, Video or both - Communication & Conferencing

File Sharing and Auditing

Only Management can control who can see the protected data

Text Chat in real time

Screen Sharing - remote worker support

Remote Desktop for Employee Support

Session Recording (can re-use training sessions)

Streaming Video from File

Whiteboard Broadcast (useful training feature)

Additional Backup File Storage – comes with 50 GB included - You can purchase more for only 19 usd per 25 GB/per month if needed. You may require more of this HIPAA compliant storage if you decide to record and save lots of confidential information in your Training, Meetings or Telehealth Sessions. You get 50 GB included which is ample in most agency situations.

Telehealth Reimbursement

Maybe there are some new services that you could start providing.

With recent legislation (Medicare, Medicaid in most states and some Private Insurance) regarding Telehealth reimbursement, you can see the industry is encouraging Telehealth services to reduce costs.

Now could be the time to start exploring this service option.