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This can be virtually anyone over the age of 18 with no prior industry experience.

If you are only planning to provide non-medical home care then in some states this can be virtually anyone over the age of 18 but in other states you would need certain prior experience working or helping people with disabilities and some supervisory and training in the healthcare industry and a High School Diploma or equivalent.

If you are only planning to provide Therapy Services without Skilled Nursing then you can usually be a Licensed Therapist to fill the roles of Administrator and Supervisor. People with a high school diploma and certain supervisory experience in a health care facility can also fill the role of Administrator. You will also be required to have an Alternate Administrator and an Alternate Supervisor. Two Licensed Therapist could fill all four managerial roles if that is your

If you are planning on providing Skilled Nursing or Licensed & Certified Home Health then you will need an R.N to fill the position of Director Of Nurses. An R.N can also be the Administrator but other people with a high school diploma and certain supervisory experience in a health care facility can also be the Administrator. You will also need an Alternate Administrator and an Alternate Director Of Nurses with the same qualifications as above. Two R.N's could fill all four managerial roles if that is your choice.

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Some states and Medicare allow you to run your agency from a house. Also, local zoning and restrictions may apply in some areas.

Some states allow you to set your own business hours as long as the supervisor/manager and or administrator can be contacted by telephone. Allowing you to start up - part time if you wish.

Our experts have compiled our solutions over many years and fine tuned with feedback from hundreds of agency administrators. It would take you many months/years to create the quality of these materials from scratch. Our solutions have been tried and tested by over 1500 agencies.

All of our documentation is provided in "Word" format for easy editing and customization. For your convenience various areas have been highlighted in our documents where your agency & state info may need to be added or changed.

Our customized versions will be tailored to your State licensing regulations and other applicable state laws.

Our templates (only) policies and procedures have been written to a very high standard and we send you the sample templates with the requirements of a State with the most strict standards . It is much easier to remove a few policies when tailoring to your specific State requirements than it is to have certain policies and procedures missing. Our licensed and Certified policies and procedures have been based on the most current Federal Regulations and Medicare conditions of participation + ACHC & CHAP Accreditation Standards.

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(Evaluation license to a Full license). This means that before you decide to start the customization process or use the unlocked templates version, you have time to review the quality of all the documents for a limited time (not just a few samples). If you decide not to proceed for any reason, no questions asked – risk free – and it all happens automatically.

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Even if you only used some of our materials then this would still be a valuable resource to compare, add to or improve your existing documentation. It is better to have a complete system that has all the necessary forms and documents to carry out the various policies.

Our system is up gradable to our Mobile Workforce Solution.

Yes, the most difficult part of any state licensing application is providing the documentation that needs to be provided and checked for compliance.

Our network of licensing specialist provide license application assistance and support for your state. Its actually included in all Start-Up Packs Free of Charge.

Yes, we actually include this service with all of our customized versions.

Personal Assistance Services agencies provide services that may require personal care such as: bathing, grooming, dressing, and toilet assistance in addition to general home maker services. Home Maker Agencies do not.

That's OK and actually many people decide to do this first. We can help you transform your agency, adding clinical services when you feel that you want to expand.

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