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Online Employee & Management Portals with Virtual Patient Chart + Work Areas.

How we designed the Software


The most user friendly home health software to use for you and your employees.


If you know can use a computer, save files and write emails then you should be able to get going immediately.


You will find the user interface familiar and not complicated that is going to take months to implement.


We know that if the software must be user friendly the the home health care industry will not use it.


We also understand the impact and time involved in learning how to use software which is crucial to your bottom line.


Employee and Contractor time is a massive cost to any agency.


We understand that costs involved in Home Health Compliance and HR Management is probably your biggest hurdle in this industry.


The Mobile Workforce Solution was created to save time deploying, be user friendly & to help existing agencies provide a smooth transition utilizing their existing systems (if needed).


We also decided to include some valuable time saving features that allow you to manage your agency in a much more efficient way.


Why pay expensive employees to travel when they don’t have to all the time.

Software Features

Your Brand, logo and web domain name (registration included)
Each user has their own private portal
Sending, Receiving, & Replying to Electronic Patient Health Information
Compliant Email (Webmail), with Advanced Security and Forced Encryption
Setup unlimited Patient File Areas, Management & Employee File Areas
Single user or group shared (Management controlled)
Patient Record & General Document Management
Calendars for Patient File, Meetings, Training, HR, and Employee Scheduling + Notification
Contacts, Tasks,To-Do Lists and Notes
Secure Password Archive & Mangement
Internal Employee Noticeboard, Blogs and links to Regs + State Websites & more
Management can set and control - Write only, Read only or Read & Write access to everything
Employees or Management can also set up any Other Virtual file Areas for any other purpose
Share any Virtual Area you create with individuals, groups of users that you define
All updated and synced in real time for true collaboration for the mobile workforce
End to End data encryption. No One but you can ever see your Communication or Data
Online and Offline Document Integrity Controls
Data Automatically Backed up and Downloadable to Management
Management can setup Users Access & Advanced Audit Controls
Data access via public key encryption & Each user has his/her own encryption key
Auditing of Document, and Passwords
Normal backups of emails & Data + Disposal
Unlimited and Permanent Storage
Email messages and Folders, including – Patient Records Can’t be destroyed or altered
High Security Data Center Storage is provided in multiple locations
Data Updated in real-time, with weekly backups made to offline digital media
We can never see your data & only your agency management or designated staff have the security key
Includes Annotation, Search, & Automated Alerts
Offsite and offline backup. Security certifications: SSAE16, ISO27001, SOC 1-3, Firewalls, and intrusion detection

BONUS* Includes – HIPPA Compliant Text Messaging

Another feature that we included is HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging.  This can be used to contact people in another HIPAA compliant way. It can also be used in an emergency situation where you might need an additional way of communicating. We have included 50 text credits free of charge.

If you need to purchase text credits then the cost is 25 usd per 250 (non-expiring) texts credits. If you want to use this service frequently then its only 12 usd per month/per 250 text credits (per month text credits cannot be rolled over to the next month).