Non-Medical Startup Pack (customized)



(Evaluation license to a Full license). This means that before you decide to start the customization process or use the unlocked templates version, you have time to review the quality of all the documents for a limited time (not just a few samples). If you decide not to proceed for any reason, no questions asked – risk free – and it all happens automatically.

No Card Required with a COUPON

Use the COUPON provided to you for your Free Evaluation. Just enter the COUPON at checkout and this will set the price to zero dollars. You will not need to enter any card details. If you do decide to purchase there is an option in the documents user interface for that (including setting up the PAYMENT PLAN).

Free Evaluation NO COUPON (then you can use a credit card and get immediate access)

You’ll be directed to a secure page to enter your billing information. We’ll then verify your card and check that there are sufficient funds available for the purchase and process an authorization. This authorization puts your funds on hold for about 72 hours, and then releases the authorization hold automatically. You are not actually charged.

Once your billing information has been verified and the card authorized, you’ll be able to view the evaluation version of the product immediately. Your card will NOT be charged (money never leaves your account) unless you decide to purchase and unlock the product.