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Marketing For Agency Start-Ups. Part One


Points to Consider: -You need to explain in detail, the services you provide to your potential customers and convince them that they need to purchase from you.

Introduction to Home Care Agency Marketing and why should potential customers do business with you?
You need to convince them that you are a Company with the expertise that they can rely on to provide the support they need. Show prospective customers what is the purpose of your business and who does your business serve, i.e.

Home care Industry provides support services enabling clients to live independently in their own homes.
What advantages will your potential customers have doing business with you, compared with doing business with other Companies?

Show them that you offer more than other Home Care Businesses by detailing the varied services, you provide. These can range from the fact that you and your staff are accredited, or by being available 24/7, or that you are flexible and your rates might be cheaper.

You need to persuade them that they should choose your Company. It is useful to say what your main attributes are; such as your reliability or your compassion for example. You could use a slogan to highlight this point.

How you can persuade people to purchase your services now?
It is important that you create interest in your Company and a response from potential customers by having your own representative logo which identifies you, printed on all your stationary. These should be on everything. – Including business cards, brochures and also on your website. This could be a picture of a home, or of someone carrying out one of the services you provide.


It is useful to have your responses to possible questions prepared so you don’t stumble over what to say and are therefore more likely to mention all the important points. This will persuade more people to purchase now.

You should be able to state what services you provide in a concise manner and to say who your potential customers are. E.g. “We provide various home support services for people who want to stay in their own homes.” Find out what their situation is and see what they are looking for.

Ask what problems they have had and see if you can help them by listening carefully and suggesting solutions. You can tell them about any previous customers you have had with similar problems and how you have successfully helped them.

You will need to sort out the administration details such as office hours, signage and messages in the day to day running of your business. It will depend on various situations, such as whether or not you have an office which is home based or in the community. If you are not sharing premises and services with anyone else, you might consider placing a sign on your office door and even on a company vehicle if you use one.

A Professional Image is Important in Home Care Agency Marketing

If you are starting this business and have not had much experience in this industry, it is even more important to present yourself well. Remember that first impressions count. You should make sure that you are professional at all times, either in person or on the phone. It is a good idea to practice your ‘selling techniques’ by asking someone you trust to give you any constructive criticism.

It is also important to have good systems in place to run your agency. HomeHealthBiz.com specializes in affordable “Agency Start-Up Packs” You can click on this link to the  Non Medical Home Care Start-Up Pack

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This is the first post of three about Home Care Agency Marketing. You can learn some more about Home Health Agency Marketing Here: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/market-home-health-care-services-60557.html

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